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I.                   Relocation service---property lease       


ACE offers an integrated free relocation services to expatriates; aim to assist them smoothly relocate to Beijing and assist the corporation to achieve cost saving and HR service. The pursuit of excellence is our heritage and the foundation of our long-term client relationships. We will strive to make your relocation to Beijing at your top satisfaction and will take care you and your family through out the whole lease.


Our service procedure:

Ø         Well understand the needs of expatriates

Ø         Make initial proposal & arrange the visiting schedule

Ø         City orientation & General Visiting properties to short the list

Ø         Focus on the chosen properties to select at least three options.

Ø         Negotiating with landlord for the best package under company policy.

Ø         Signing the “Letter of Intent” by both landlord and tenant.

Ø         Conclude the Lease Agreement

Ø         Supervise landlord to prepare the property according to contract.

Ø         Pre-check the property one week before move in to make sure everything is ready.

Ø         Assist purchasing the furniture and electrical appliances if request.

Ø         Conduct move-in procedure and make record

Ø         Provide welcome letter to inform occupant the information related daily life

Ø         Assisting open bank accounts

Ø         Assist register in the management office and issue resident proof

Ø         Assist Maid Service

Ø         Assist car renting service

Ø         Courtesy call or email one week and every two month after the check in

Ø         24/7 Hotline and single point of contact during the whole lease

Ø         Submit complete file upon requested by company.

Ø         Tenancy management, notice tenant three month in advance upon the lease expiry

Ø         Assisting renew the lease or termination

Ø         Assisting the move out if termination and make move out record.

Ø         Assisting deposit refund.

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