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Asset Management Service---Take care property for landlord


ACE successfully helps individual landlords to manage their properties in Beijing in Leasing, selling, paying fees etc.  as representative of landlord to take care all the relevant issue towards the property. The asset management service scope as follows:


Service Scope & Procedure

Ø         Assisting to lease and sale (Ace Realty will special advertise for this property for early rent out or sale, open to cooperate with other agencies.)

Ø         Giving professional consultant on renovation of the property to meet the western people's taste, recommending the decoration company and supervising the process of the decoration.(landlord pay the renovation fee)

Ø         Handling the keys and arranging property visiting for all visitors

Ø         help Landlord to pay all the public and any other property management fee (Landlord has to pay some deposit in advance)

Ø         Consulting the rent or selling price and contract in professional view and assisting the contract concluded.

Ø         Conduct furniture purchasing according to tenant's request for Landlord after lease out.

Ø         Conduct phone & internet installation work and clean up all the unpaid bills

Ø         check utility connections

Ø         Conduct Check-in procedure together with the client, fill-in check-in report, file the report

Ø         Conduct repair and maintenance work for the tenant

Ø         Solving client's complaints

Ø         Help to receive and pay the relevant fee

Ø         Help landlord go to the tax bureau to pay the tax and take the leasing property official receipt issued by the authority tax office, and send it to the landlord

Ø         Call the tenant three month before their leases expire to know whether they renew.

Ø         Inform the management office of the Check-out date

Ø         Conduct check out procedure together with clients, fill in check out list and mark out all the problems

Ø         Arrange clear up all utilities fees of the property

Ø         Provide check out list to the landlord

Ø         Assist the landlord with changing the foreign currency , and send it to the appointed bank account(the transaction fee is paid by the landlord)

Ø         Press to pay all the fee by tenant and clear up the deposit

Ø         Provide the finance report in request.

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